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Coming Home Alive (2005)

90 mins | Documentary

Documentary Posters_Coming Home

'Coming Home Alive' tells an incredible true story of love, war and survival for one man during World War Two. 

Rick White, a native of West Virginian, joined the Army to serve his country, and was sent to Upstate New York for training. During his training, White fell in love, occasionally breaking Army rules to visit his future wife off-base before his deployment to Europe.

Once on the Continent, he fought and was captured in one of the greatest battles in history, the Battle of the Bulge. An ocean away, his wife waited, pregnant with their first child, uncertain if she would ever see her husband again. As a Prisoner of War, White was pushed to the brink of survival in prison camp Stalag 4B, and ultimately escaped the chaos of a collapsing Nazi Germany.