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Finding the Right Solution for Your Corporate Commercial

It's coming into Q3, and you're ready to shoot your new commercial for an autumn release. But what's the most efficient, targeted and cost-effective route to getting your ad done?

Typically, video services can be broken down into two types - videographers and production companies. Depending on your needs, one may be a much better option than the other. Here’s what each has to offer:


Like the person you hired for your wedding, a videographer is typically a one-person show. While there may be an assistant with them at the shoot, they will likely complete all pre and post-production work themselves.

This option is suitable for a marketing team that knows what they want and doesn't require any creative input or guidance. The filming may also be low-tech without a lot of extra elements such as pinpoint lighting and advanced audio techniques.

This is the right option for a small outfit with a limited budget. It's also appropriate for any sized company that is looking for a simple and straightforward shoot without a lot of advanced production. It is not advisable to hire a videographer if you are looking for a sleek result. It is also not the best option if you are unsure of exactly what you want and are seeking creative guidance and input. If your team knows what they want the output to look like and it doesn't require a lot of production, a videographer can get the job done.


If you want a well-produced commercial that is professional and nuanced, you will want to seek out the services of a video production company or agency. This option includes a team rather than an individual. They will work with you from start to finish and help you bring your idea to life, even if you aren't exactly sure what you want the end result to look like. Of course, with this high level of service, you can expect a high price tag, but if you need a highly produced end product, it's worth it.

A production company will help you pinpoint what you're looking for in the pre-production phase of the project and then assemble the necessary team. Audio, lighting, and post-production considerations will be handled by the same company. You will likely be dealing with a Producer or Director who, in turn, will be managing the other members of the team. If you have a healthy budget and require some creative input or glossy post-production, you'll want to enlist the services of a full-range video production company.

Deciding which route is best for you beforehand does require a bit of leg work, but it makes all the difference between an excellent end result and an ad that you never want to air. Be sure to assess your needs before you hire your video services provider. Make sure that you choose the right type for the job. Corporate commercials often represent a sizable financial investment and are a vital part of a firm's overall marketing strategy.

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