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How to Create a Compelling Recruitment Video

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

A study by CareerBuilder indicates that job postings with videos get viewed 12% more than posts without videos. Talent works reports that job posts with recruitment videos get 36% more applicants than those without! So what are you waiting for? With job opportunities on the rise, staying ahead of the curve to secure the best talent is a necessity. And with video, fast becoming the way forward when it comes to engaging audiences with your brand business and company values, the solution might be as simple as including a recruitment video in your job advertising. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and video is proving just that.

Here are six essential tips to create a compelling recruitment video:


Culture is no longer nice to have but a vital part of the decision making process when applying for a new job. Employees want to know that their company reflects their values and belief systems. So it’s important to capture this by showcasing your employees. Bringing them to the forefront not only ensures the video comes across as authentic and provides a tangible example of the culture and work environment. Shooting the video should be fun and unscripted with employees sharing from the heart. Their passion and authenticity will make it compelling. You can add to the appeal by including a short message from the CEO.


The last thing you want to do is bore your audience. But, don’t make it too short. You don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff. Be sure to include only the necessary elements that highlight the culture, the values, the people, the business and what your new employees can expect in terms of professional development and growth. On average interested parties will watch up to one minute and 36 seconds of a recruitment video. That means you have less than two minutes to capture the attention of your potential candidate. Avoid using shabby buzzwords and boring corporate language.

MAKE IT MOBILE FRIENDLY According to TechCrunch, the average American spends up to 5 hours every day consuming media on their mobile device. 92% of that time is spent utilizing an app. This suggests that if you’re recruiting and you’re not streaming videos on social, you’re missing out! Make sure that your video resolution is high enough not to pixelate but low enough that it runs across multiple mobile devices. The general rule of thumb is to export as an .MP4 or .MOV with a file size no larger than 4GB.


When interviewing your employees for the recruitment video, give them the freedom to talk freely about their stories and experience in the company. Have prompting statements or questions to hand to help them get into the flow. Encourage them to talk about the experience of joining the organization, why they chose to accept the offer, what initially drew them to the opportunity, whether or not they enjoy working in your company and why. Be prepared to listen and engage on a more meaningful level.


Potential candidates love to see where they will be spending the better part of the day. Showcase your office atmosphere, the decor, capturing their potential colleagues at work or at play. This will help them to visualize themselves at your workplace. 


Finally, your CTA should be strong. If you’ve created a compelling video, you will have already grabbed their attention and inspired them to apply. Use this opportunity to encourage them to check your available job postings and engage with your talent network.

Have a look at this recruitment video we made for Labella Associates.

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