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The importance of brand guidelines when crafting a video

With attention spans averaging roughly 12 seconds, that doesn’t give your business much time to leave a lasting impression! Establishing clear brand guidelines before shooting your video can help your video production partner create powerful content that directly impacts the behavior of your key audience. Here’s how that works:


Brand guidelines are a template that establishes the do’s and don’t surrounding any content you create for your company. They outline the bigger picture goals, and pinpoint the underlying key message of all your communication efforts. They provide an outline that helps you to avoid misunderstandings which result in changes, during the pre production and post production stages.


Chances are there will be multiple people and perhaps third-party companies supporting your video marketing efforts. Your brand guidelines keep everyone on the same page and help eliminate confusion. Nothing is worse than spending time and money on a marketing project, only to realize in post production you have to re-shoot it because it just doesn’t work with your company’s vision.


Regardless of the visual medium, when you have clear values for your business, your marketing efforts must support them. Having this information outlined in your brand guidelines keeps this at the forefront of your videos creative development, ensuring your able to consistently deliver stories that support your company’s underlying mission.


Clear brand guidelines ensures the content you produce is easily recognizable to your audience. Consistent use of the company’s logo, tone, message and mission in your video marketing efforts gives you a better chance of grabbing their attention. If your current guidelines don’t encompass this, now’s the time to add it in - before you commission a video production partner.

If you’d like to learn more about how to develop your brand message, voice and style - specifically for video content storytelling - we have a tried and tested process that has helped us support the mission and vision of many of our clients brands. Get in touch for more information.

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